Fall Festival, Hosted by the Mid-Cities MTA

STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET (PDF to download and print)


LOCATION: Tarrant County College, North-East Campus.

FEES: $10

1:45 Ansun Sujoe
1:48 Audry Townsend
1:51 Audrey Sloane
1:54 David Sloane
1:57 Fred Zhu
2:00 Anthony Chen
2:03 Tony Zhu
2:06 Andrea Ordonez
2:09 Tyler Knox


FESTIVAL DATE: Saturday, November 17th, 2007, performance time decided after registration. You can request a more specific time. I generally recommend late morning or afternoon times.


HONORS RECITAL DATE: Monday, November 19th, 2007, evening times. If you receive a "Superior +" at the festival, you will be invited to perform on the Honors Recital. After you have received your critique sheet on the festival day (usually within 20 minutes after you play), you can then try to select your preferred performance time for the Monday evening recital (there are usually three different times available). Mr. Carney usually requests that all of his students perform on one of the later recitals, and he usually prefers that they all perform on the same recital.

The honors recital will take place in "Center Corner" - located across from the Fine Arts building in the Student Center.


WHAT TO PLAY? You only have three minutes. You must play a piece originally written for the piano (arrangements are not allowed).


AWARDS! Every student receives an adjudication sheet from one judge and a ribbon. Students receiving a "Superior +" will also receive a trophy at the Honors Recital.


WHAT IS THE FESTIVAL ITSELF LIKE? You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your performance time. You will probably have the opportunity to warm up before playing. When it is your turn to play, Mr. Carney will let you know. He will escort you to the room in which you are playing and give the judge your music and critique sheet. Then you will go into the judging room, play your piece for one judge (though there may be two judges in the room since they typically judge every other student). After you play, you will wait outside until you receive your critique sheet (usually 10-20 minutes). Then Mr. Carney will show you were to pick up your ribbon and schedule the honors recital performance (if you receive a Superior + rating).



  • YOU, dressed nicely.

  • Your music, though Mr. Carney will probably have a clean score for the judges.

  • Be well-prepared.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled performance time.