Studio Recitals.

LOCATION: First Baptist Church of Smithfield, North Richland Hills (MAP).



  • Fall Studio Recital:
    • Saturday, November 7th, 4:00 (please arrive about 10 minutes early)
  • Spring Studio Recital:
    • Saturday, May 22nd, 6:00 p.m. (please arrive about 10 minutes early). Recital will last approximately 90 minutes.

You are welcome to invite as many guests as you like.


DRESS: Nice Casual. Students, please don't wear jeans, T-shirts, or tennis shoes. Dresses and ties are not necessary. Short-sleeve shirts are fine.


PREPARATION: Be sure to “practice performing” in order to help you prepare for the performance. Remember you only have one chance to play straight through the piece, so you must be familiar with what it feels like to perform the piece one time straight through. Also practice starting at different points in the music from memory - this will help you be able to get back on track if you happen to get lost for a moment during the performance.




At least twice each year, the entire studio will meet together to perform for one another. This is done in the format of a "recital". While the name may be intimidating to some, the idea is simple: after working hard to create a "living" musical performance, now is the time to share it with friends and parents.


Recitals are typically held in November and April. About one month prior to the anticipated recital date, Mr. Carney asks all the students to tell him if there are any potential scheduling conflicts with any possible recital date/time. After collecting all this information, Mr. Carney tries to find a recital time that best accommodates the largest number of students. Then he sets the recital for that date.


Each recital will last just over one hour. Every student plays (new students may simply attend). Some may play one, two, or even three pieces. Some selections may be duets. At the end, Mr. Carney also joins in on the fun with a brief performance.